Tinta Negra:paesaggi urbani – Personal exhibition

Tinta Negra:paesaggi urbani

Personal exhibition
May 23 – April 1

La Lestra small culture house
former washhouse



Trattato di Anatomia – Collective exhibition

Treatise on anatomy collective exhibition

August 3-4-5
Former church of St. Spirit (Via delle Torri 45)
Tarquinia – Italy

Silvia Castrati
Angelo Cataldi
Enrico Ingle
Chiara Scardozzi
Sentido Común
Texts by Fabrizio Gabrielli

Curator: Cintia Scianna
in collaboration with Art Zinghereria

FRIDAY ‘3 to 20.00 TASTING SENSORY by Chiara Romiti (to offer)

Anatomy (from the greek ανατομή, Anatome = “dissection”, formed by ανά, anà = “through”, and τέμνω, Temno = “cut”)
1 science that studies living organisms in their external and internal structure, through direct examination, dissection of individual apparatuses, organs, tissues 2 (estens.) the structure of an organism (also fig.) 3 dissection of a body in the parts that compose 4 (fig.) cold and meticulous analysis.

The human body has always been a favorite subject in art, the subject-object symbol par excellence: the representation of ideal beauty to the allegorical personifications of every sin and virtue, vehicle joys and sufferings personal, social, universal.
In an opposite view, science with its analytical methodology devoid of any symbolic character breaks the objects studied, in order to achieve the objective knowledge, reliable, verifiable and shareable.
The anatomy dissects the body, isolating each part, depriving it of its contextuality, to understand how its singularity interacts with the Whole.
What if we could apply the scientific method to the art? We could then break down the subject-object symbolic in its parts, analyzing the symbolism inherent in each, the art, however, has an advantage in this case: the parts of the whole are also subject-symbolic objects in themselves, regardless of the subject “container” , do not need the context to mean rather the interaction is enriched with new possibilities.
And ‘this is our experiment, the purpose of our research: dissecting the symbol, to reach the subjective knowledge.

Cintia Scianna

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La bellezza dell’imperfetto – Collective exhibition

La bellezza dell’imperfetto – Exhibition

Tarquinia (Italy) – March 2012
Canfranc (Spain) – August 2012
Zaragoza (Spain) – September 2012

Curator: Cintia Scianna

Return to play. The paradox of the disenchantment rediscover wonder, looking at the fact that I look at the image of myself. Subjective reality and imperfect, made ​​up of places and shapes. The immateriality sleeping in the forgotten part of our retina, where no one is looking for.

Pictures that say more than the author of the photographed subject. The experiment was always related to photography or better still photographers who have sought new ways to show the sensitivity or beauty, also influenced by the world of painting, the Impressionists, the abstraction, cubism … the shape and color, all this told us that the image is not only a representation of what we think we see, but its spiritual interpretation capable of showing and excite. The nostalgia is fashionable. This rediscovery of the past, of an aesthetics of the past, revived forgotten technologies such as Polaroidola Lomagrafia.Oltrel ‘obvious effect will probably be another retro fashions that leave no sign, upgrading of imperfection as aesthetic resource led to the contamination between photography and other forms of visual arts at its highest level. The images are imperfect images unpretentious, made ​​for the enjoyment of trying to find out before and after. And ‘possible to preserve the cynicism that requires adult life recovering the desire to know, explore new worlds. Return to play.

Cintia Scianna

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Diario di un’Opera – Personal exhibition


Each piece has a story. A starting point, a road traveled and an ultimate destiny. A past. Five works and diaries that told them this trip. Each work exhibited is a point of arrival in the artistic development of Maximiliano, and as such has his diary, made of notes, drafts, newspaper clippings, photographs, and any material has served to shape it from the point of view of form and semantic. The search for new challenges is a constant in Chimuris, that this often changes in form but not in substance, the subject is always the man, the human passions. The idea to show through diaries the route taken by each work is born from the need to give visibility to the research work that makes Maxi constantly, not only of new techniques but also on those already well-established as the design, which is certainly the spearhead of his work. The exhibition is included in the program of “Divine Etruscan, 2011” 5-6-7 Agosto 2011 Wash Fontanile – Piazza Santo Stefano – Tarquinia (VT) curator: Cintia Scianna collaboration with Zinghereria Arts

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