Sguardi sul Cristo Risorto – Personal draw exhibition.

Sguardi sul Cristo Risorto
Maximiliano Chimuris draw – Personal exhibition.

Auditorium San Pancrazio
Via delle Torri, 15
Tarquinia (VT)-Italy
17 to April 27, 2014
Cristo Risorto cabecera facebook

Faith and traditions are undoubtedly interconnected; sometimes, in particular events like the Risen Christ Procession holding in Tarquinia, Italy, this link becomes symbiotic. Pride, need for affiliation, joy of co-sharing a tradition keeping a village involved in a sole emotion go far beyond faith. Impossible to remain apathetic in front of the mystical solemnity of this Statue “jumping” among the crowdy narrow roads of Tarquinia. This commotion, the relentless feeling touching even the most rational and critics, is the axis around which the works featuring in this exhibition rotates. It’s a deep reflection in images about feelings moving communities. I abidingly decided to move the sight out from the Risen Lord and to concentrate on glimpses, faces, bodies of a community proud of its origins, proud and joyful to stay together and impassioned when facing an event that makes it possible to recollect and endure faith. You people living in Tarquinia, you are the main characters of this exhibition, “Glimpses on Risen Lord”. You and your pride, your emotions, your joy of sharing traditions.

Cintia Scianna, curator.

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