La bellezza dell’imperfetto – Collective exhibition

La bellezza dell’imperfetto – Exhibition

Tarquinia (Italy) – March 2012
Canfranc (Spain) – August 2012
Zaragoza (Spain) – September 2012

Curator: Cintia Scianna

Return to play. The paradox of the disenchantment rediscover wonder, looking at the fact that I look at the image of myself. Subjective reality and imperfect, made ​​up of places and shapes. The immateriality sleeping in the forgotten part of our retina, where no one is looking for.

Pictures that say more than the author of the photographed subject. The experiment was always related to photography or better still photographers who have sought new ways to show the sensitivity or beauty, also influenced by the world of painting, the Impressionists, the abstraction, cubism … the shape and color, all this told us that the image is not only a representation of what we think we see, but its spiritual interpretation capable of showing and excite. The nostalgia is fashionable. This rediscovery of the past, of an aesthetics of the past, revived forgotten technologies such as Polaroidola Lomagrafia.Oltrel ‘obvious effect will probably be another retro fashions that leave no sign, upgrading of imperfection as aesthetic resource led to the contamination between photography and other forms of visual arts at its highest level. The images are imperfect images unpretentious, made ​​for the enjoyment of trying to find out before and after. And ‘possible to preserve the cynicism that requires adult life recovering the desire to know, explore new worlds. Return to play.

Cintia Scianna

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